Court Whitman

High Performance Coach | Adventure Guide | Podcast Host | Managerial & Leadership Development

Value & Strengths-based Influence Organizational Performance Improvement • Performance Excellence • High Performance in Transition

With a 22-year career as a manager and leader of highly specialized and focused teams in varied high-threat and high-performing environments, NCAA DI College Football player and retired Army Special Forces Green Beret Court Whitman has over 1,200 coaching hours with clients as an Executive & Leadership Coach. Court thrives in situations where he is called upon to coach people and organizations that are complex, have challenging problems to solve, and passionately pursue meaning, fulfillment, and results. Court’s vision as a coach is simple – to inspire high-performance – and Court is on a mission to unlock hidden potential and develop competence for everyone he serves so that they, and their teams, perform at high levels. To achieve this, Court draws upon his ICF Coaching competencies and focuses his coaching approach along 5 key tasks: Connect to build relationship; Question to understand; Assess to raise awareness; Teach to increase competence; and Inspire to enable growth.  

With each client, Court passionately explores identity, strengths, core competencies, behavior, belief, and influence as a perspective to best develop managerial and leadership skills, define performance excellence, and create optimal organizational culture to achieve results for individuals and their teams. Court has proven results in successfully guiding clients to define fulfillment for their personal and professional lives, bridge gaps in information, imagination and confidence, identify and define Core Values, understand values-based decision making, identify Core Competencies and Strengths, understand strengths-based decision making, identify natural workplace behavior and how to adjust individual behavior to appropriately influence others, identify Emotional Intelligence strengths, and create a personal & professional narrative that’s informative for self and others.    

In addition to coaching, Court facilitates off-site workshops for executive teams, consults with organizations to make informed hiring decisions and build optimal organizational culture, executes multi-day outdoor leadership experiences on the Appalachian and Black Mountain Crest Trails, keynote speaks, and is the creator and host of the High Performance Pathways podcast.  

Court actively employs the following assessments and instruments in his work:

  • Clifton Strengths (Clifton Strengths Finder).
  • VIA Assessments
  • The MyEverything DiSC suite of assessments (Productive Conflict, Workplace, Management, Work of Leaders, Sales, and 363 for Leaders).
  • MHS EQ suite of assessments (EQ-i 2.0, and EQ-i 360).

Examples of past and current clientele include: 

  • The COMMIT Foundation. 
  • The Honor Foundation.
  • Presidents, CEOs, COOs, and CFO in the construction, wellness, nutrition, technology, insurance, medical sales and services industries.
  • The Washington University Bauer Leadership Center Olin Business School.
  • Transitioning senior and director-level Military leaders (all-services)
  • Merrill – A Bank of America Company
  • General Dynamics.
  • Start-up and Venture Capital Executives.
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks.
  • Methodist University.
  • ThriveEpic’s 2020 Intentional Empowerment Summit.
  • The United States Military Academy (West Point) Athletic Department Executive Staff.