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Emotional Intelligence: A Differentiator Between High Performance & Underperformance for Managers.

What’s preventing your success in the results you want to achieve as you chase high performance? The response varies. Sometimes there is a job-specific competency gap that limits success. Sometimes there’s an inability to stay disciplined and keep commitments that disrupts progress. And sometimes there’s a challenging interpersonal relationship that prevents desired results. And everywhere […]


Guest Presenters Biographies – Summer 2019 High Performance Pathways Mastermind Group.

Larry Long Jr – Speaker, Trainer, & Director of Collegiate Sales | Teamworks Innovations Inc. Larry is an experienced sales leader with a demonstrated history of success in SaaS sales. He is extremely passionate about coaching, and helping sales professionals take their game to the ‘next level’. Larry brings a unique perspective to the table […]

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What is the High Performance Pathways Mastermind Group?

THE MISSION OF THE HIGH PERFORMANCE PATHWAYS MASTERMIND GROUP Founded by Court Whitman, the High Performance Pathways Mastermind Group is a purpose-built and specially selected cohort of professionals chasing high performance in their life. We meet twice a month for 3-months to collaborate with high performing thought leaders in order to grow in perspective and […]

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What is High Performance?

We’re all chasing High Performance in our lives in one way or another. But how is High Performance actually defined?  Consider this definition – High Performance is success in desired results above established norms over the long-term.   Now let’s unpack that definition into three parts to best understand how High Performance is defined. Part 1.  […]